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A Little About Us

We are a family of five, living in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley of Western Montana. We enjoy making memories with our dogs, the outdoors, camping, and traveling! 



     I'm Martha -wife to Eric, and mother to three lovely daughters who are also my best friends. I love gardening, working outdoors, nature walks, meaningful conversations, and of course, lots of puppy snuggles!

     I love researching and learning, and am always learning more about dog genetics, puppy training, and working to perfect and improve our dog breeding and puppy rearing hobby. 

     If you contact Cherry Creek Doodles about adopting a puppy, you will most likely be talking to me since I do most of the online and phone communications. 



I'm Carolyn - affectionately referred to as "The Animal Whisperer" by my family and friends. I love all animals, but especially my horse and my dogs. My happy place is being outdoors, riding my horse, and teaching our dogs new tricks. I also love photography, playing sports, and hanging out with my sisters.

     Most of the photos and videos you see on our social media platforms or that we send to you privately, are probably taken by me. I do the majority of our Instagram posts and sometimes I am the one to answer questions or private messages from there. 


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