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Mario is our Stud Dog, and a huge favorite around here. He was our first Aussie, and the #1 reason we fell so in love with this breed. He has so many stories to tell, and has wrapped himself around the hearts of every one in our family. He is simply incredible with kids. Patient. gentle, and loves our little toddler son the most.  We couldn't be happier to pass his genes on to  his puppies!

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(Mario is approximately 16" and 28-30 pounds)

Lady Antebellum   (AKA Bella)

Bella is a blue eyed, blue merle, show stopper. She has exceptionally beautiful movement and carriage and a nice, blocky Aussie head. She has a more slender build than some of our other Aussies do. This girl is super athletic and high energy. She can vault over obstacles like they're not there. She does best when she is on the run all day. It is almost impossible to completely tire her out!  Bella LOVES our kids and doesn't have a mean bone in her. She is extremely social and loves nothing more than time with her people. Very trainable and eager to please. Luna River Kennels would simply not be the same without her!  She has given us quite a variety of colors, sizes, and personalities in her puppies. 

Unique Monique     (Aka Monique)

Monique is our blue eyed, blue merle cuddle bug. She is razor sharp with her eye contact and pays extremely close attention to details, voices, facial expressions, everything...

She is wicked smart and almost effortless to train. Monique is the quieter one, but just might be the smartest of all. She is the first to figure things out and problem solve, (including digging under our yard fence). :) She is a free spirit that loves a mental challenge!

Slightly more introverted than Bella, but not usually shy. She is a lower key, medium energy level, and loves to hang out with us one-on-one. She gets along very well with the other dogs, and has an extremely playful comedian streak in her.

   Monique is slightly smaller than Bella, but built with a lot more density and weighs more. She has given us some drop dead gorgeous puppies.

(Bella is approximately 15" and 20 pounds.)

(Monique is approximately 14" and 22-25 pounds.)

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